KOSMOCAR AE, the official representative of VOLKSWAGEN, AUDI, SKODA, decided to create a new auto parts warehouse in Aspropyrgos.

The surface of the warehouse is 10,000 sq.m. and its height 8.5 meters. The needs for car parts storage are quite specific and are characterized by the diversity of the objects to be stored in every respect.

These parts may be too small, such as screws or electrical fuses and switches to whole motors with concentrated weight or the side of the body frame of a vehicle with a large volume but with no significant weight. It may also be robust parts, suspension parts for example, or particularly fragile such windscreens.

Also some parts are coming in batches stored in boxes and others one by one without any kind of packaging and there are parts which are fast moving while others may be stored for weeks or even months.

There is an obvious difficulty in the design of a warehouse for spare parts if it is to be easy and productive in operation and the same time to exploit at the maximum the available volume with the lowest cost.

The study and design of the ware house was made by Miebach Consulting GmbH in cooperation with the PEBRO and various types of shelves were used in order to meet all needs. Another study which was carried out, apart from the storage and handling of spare parts, which is just as important for safety reasons, was the anti seismic one for the construction for all storage systems and it was fully implemented.

The storage systems were:

  • Α three-story mezzanine 650 m² with a lift and special boxes for storing small-parts.
  • Shelves picking HIGH RISE height 7.5M to create cells for the storage of medium weight parts.
  • Racking pallets in special dimensions for storing heavy parts such as engines, doors and windshields.
  • Cantilever system for the storage of heavy and medium weight parts which are long and bulky.

In the aisles of the mezzanines, cantilever shelves and pallet racks where placed meshed surfaces.
In pallet racks were placed special protective grids for safety reasons and practicality.

The project began in January and was delivered in March 2010 and all the parts of the storage systems were either manufactured in the factory of PEBRO or supplied by DEXION.


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