ESTEE LAUDER Hellas had storage space in Aspropyrgos of 4.000 sq.m. and 7m high.

The company's need for storage was mainly for goods in carton boxes placed onto a pallet.

The specifications of the company was 3,500 pallet positions for 1,00 X 1,20 m pallets and weight of 800 kg each and for 5,500 pallet locations for picking goods by piece.

The final design of the storage system was consisted of:

  1. Pallet racking Back to Back with pallet configuration throughout its height
  2. Pallet racking Back to Back with customized lockers at the low level and pallets on the upper part
  3. Pallet racking Back to Back where the lower positions were configured on the Live Storage system for filling containers or for the picking of products on piece by piece basis.
  4. Construction of mezzanine based on the pallet racks, and
  5. Locker formed shelves

The order was confirmed to PEBRO on July 20, 2009, the building would be available on August 10th and the installation should be completed within 5 working days.

The PEBRO undertook the project and successfully implemented as planned with materials and components manufactured in its factory and parts supplied by the German firms BITO and DEXION.




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