ALUMIL is the biggest aluminum extrusion company in Greece and has long lasting trusted PEBRO to equip the factory’s warehouses.

The headquarters of the company are located in Kilkis and in 2006 PEBRO installed the largest CANTILEVER type storage system in Greece.

The total area of ​​the warehouse was 10,000 sq.m. and there were placed heavy duty CANTILEVER shelves of 10.5 meters high. The storage capacity was 10,000 tons of aluminum profiles, 6 meters long.

Due to the great height of the shelves and the heavy load a specialized study was carried out for the anti-seismic protection of the whole storage system.

PEBRO also equipped ALUMIL with 4 electric forklifts of lateral loading, four-direction machines, especially for picking up from the shelves at any height.

Early in 2015 when ALUMIL needed to equip its new 3.800 sq.m. warehouse contacted PEBRO.

A similar to the 2006 CANTILEVER racking system was again manufactured and fully installed by PEBRO technical staff, delivered on time and of the same consistent quality.

The installation process lasted three weeks and during this period apart from CANTILEVER shelves there was installed and a conventional pallet racking system.

The consistency, quality and professionalism of PEBRO created the timeless relationship of trust between the two companies.


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