The company is equipped with the Bystronic Laser cutting machine which is mainly used for items needed in small quantities.

The accuracy in cutting, the flexibility, since they can be cut different objects on the same sheet of material, the minimum thermal stress on the object, and the quality of cutting made the Laser cutting method very popular

The materials that can be cut with Laser are metal sheets in all forms and types, aluminum, stainless steel, copper, plexiglass cardboard etc. In addition to cutting the Laser machine can make punching or engraving


The company has all the conventional tools and automatic cutting wheel saw (feed and cutting) for round or rectangular tubes, which ensures accuracy, speed and economy.



PEBRO is equipped with 3 different punching machines, 2 of FINN-POWER and 1 of TRUMPH, all with self loading system for better productivity. A full…


Every press brake machine used for sheet metal forming are electronically controlled. This ensures absolute precision and quality while the same time is giving the…

Wire Forming

The activity of the company related to the construction of display stands has created the need to be equipped with the appropriate machinery for wire…


The experienced and qualified welders of PEBRO carry out all types of welding operations but every time the most appropriate type is chosen. The welding…