The Cantilever system provides flexible and robust solutions to the storage of heavy industrial products with big length.

Ideal storage system for:

  • timber packages
  • aluminum profiles
  • metal rods
  • tubes
  • melamine sheets-chipboard
  • metal sheets

It consists of bases and columns of steel rolled sections by projective support arms on one or both sides of the columns.
It provides easy adjustment as the columns have fixed pitch punch allowing the addition, removal or displacement of the support arms.

The support arms can be flat or inclined and accepting a series of other parties so that the system caters for storage of specific products. For even greater security, the support arms can accept separate stop.

The Cantilever storage system is constructed either as one-sided at the internal or external walls of a warehouse or two-sided accessible on the shelf by a special four-directions forklift machine for narrow aisles.

It can be manufactured in almost any dimension, offering great flexibility and secure service even for the most demanding storage.


  • Column Height (mm) 2400-3000-3600-4200-4800-5400-6000
  • Arm Length (mm) 600-800-1000-1200-1500-1800-2000
  • Ability load per bracket (kg) 200-4000

For full exploitation of the available storage height, the Cantilever system may be combined in a two or three level with a mezzanine.

The columns can also serve to support the roof of the building. The support of the roof can be made with wooden or metal frames.

The Cantilever system may be placed on motorized bases, for maximum space utilization.
cantilever (12)

Adjustable shelves are mounted on motorized bases, thus only employ a moving walkway which is opened according to the number of shelves on which the operator wishes to work.

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The Pebrolever system is ideal for the storage of light goods with big length, which are loaded by hand. Ideal storage system for: benches doors…