PEBRO over the years has installed thousands of storage systems of all types, to hundreds of dynamic industrial and commercial enterprises. The changing needs of the companies often leads to modification, replacement, relocation or abolishment of their warehouses.

 The new environment led the company to operate in the exchange or buying, without replacement, of storage systems from its customers or any other company with the same need.

The vast experience of the commercial and technical department of PEBRO ensure that any used shelves or storage systems the company offers in the market has been evaluated and tested to the strictest criteria. That is why secondhand PEBRO storage systems are offered with warranty and loads capacities certification but at significantly better prices.

The personnel of the company are always available to evaluate and estimate your storage system but under the provision that is in excellent condition and comes from any well-known manufacturing company.

The services of PEBRO on used storage systems include:

  • Dismantling of racks
  • Transfer to PEBRO’s premises
  • Screening, sorting and possible repair
  • Evaluation of capacities and adaptation to customer needs
  • Transportation and installation at the customers warehouse
  • Certificate of good installation and warranty for load capacities