Dynamic Storage Systems

Ideal storage system for similar products.

The system is based on the principle LIFO (Last-in-First-Out). The pallets are stored on a roller conveyor with an inclination and the fork lift moves in a single working aisle, without having to enter the storage tunnel. This ensures quick “in-out” movement without the need for specialized lifting machinery.

During loading, the forklift truck pushes the pallet against the inclination of the roller track into a channel. During unloading, where the movement occurs closest to the corridor, the pallets on the rear move by gravity towards the front. The speed of pallets’ is controlled by break roller deceleration mechanisms which minimizes pallets pressure.


  • High degree of exploitation of storage capacity, as there is only one working runway
  • Pallets are loaded and unloaded at the front of the system
  • Different codes can be stored in height of the system


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Special Applications

The pallet racking system offers a wide range of accessories for storing smaller pallets, drums, cable reels, metal infill shelves ideal for picking etc.