Conventional Pallet Racking

Narrow aisle racking, as the name suggests, makes optimal use of floor area and roof height, resulting in greater storage density.

The Narrow Aisle pallet racking is the space saving option with maximum storage capacity, fast accessibility to every pallet and quick order picking straight from the racking

The main advantage of narrow-aisle pallet racking is the combination of fast order picking and the best possible use of space. This compact construction is used in a wide variety of industries where warehousing space is limited. The variable height and depth of the shelving and the height adjustable supporting beams ensure maximum flexibility. Direct access to every pallet is achieved and the system is serviced by special forklift trucks. Operating cabins may be elevating or static.


Back to Back Pallet Racking

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Drive In

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Special Applications

The pallet racking system offers a wide range of accessories for storing smaller pallets, drums, cable reels, metal infill shelves ideal for picking etc.

Push Back

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