Dynamic Storage Systems

Maximum utilization of storage area

In recent years, many companies have been equipped with so called mobile shelves, ensuring functionality and ergonomics equivalent to doubling the storage space.

Mobile shelves are the most economical solution for maximum utilization of storage space, with open access to hallway. They move on rails and minimize working aisles. The storage capacity doubles and they avoid the potential cost of new buildings, as this system operates much more efficiently on the available space.

Philosophy of use

With mobile shelving system the problem of insufficient space is solved. The mobile shelving system eliminates traditional aisles, and utilizes the surfaces to be occupied by aisles to store even more goods.

Therefore, the space saving achieved is the maximum as the movable rows of shelves occupy the space in a plant by conventional racks would unexploited as would be used to access aisles.

The shelves are mounted on motorized bases, in order to use only a "mobile" aisle, which opens depending on the number of shelves on which the operator wishes to work.

The command movement of shelves given by controls that are placed in front of each row of shelves, or remote controls which are in forklift trucks. In addition, there is the ability to handle a system connected to the WMS (Warehouse Management System), where a forklift is driven mechanically in the desired number of shelves. The series of shelves are moving smoothly and gently without creating bumps.



The ideal system for businesses where the cost of land is high or the storage operation costs are high. (refrigerators / freezers, already existing building with limited warehouse space, etc.).

Mobile shelves are designed for the specific needs of each storage space. The design and selection of the type and layout of the shelves vary, based mainly in the commodity to be stored, the type of forklift, the way of loading and unloading, the building, etc.

The mobile shelving storage system can be applied to any type of goods - can be applied to pallet racks, cantilever shelves (projectors for long goods), light type shelves (cabinet), storage cable reels, etc.



  • High exploitation of storage space (up to 100% of the storage capacity or reduction of up to 50% of storage space)
  • Low cost of new buildings and / or full use of the existing
  • Direct access in all positions - the possibility of FIFO (First-In-First-Out)
  • Simultaneous access to all aisles without picking forklift or inventory control
  • Saving energy / economy: lower cost building equipment compartment of cooling energy, electricity, and maintenance
  • Night mode: when the store is off, the system allows air circulation in all aisles. Ideal application for refrigerators / freezers. The night mode is used as a firefighting position
  • Able to operate at temperatures of -30oC
  • Maximum storage density even with heavy goods.
  • Protective safety systems with photocells that prevent the movement of the base when the access aisles occupied by staff or by truck.


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